This blog is inconveniently written to serve you better. I'm going to talk about our latest projects, show you some of our techniques and discuss logo and web design, but don't be spooked by Bigfoot or wonder what a fishing trip has to do with any of this. This is you're opportunity to come into our world, see what we're up to and get to know us.
- Tom, Creative Director

Websites are like vehicles

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A website is a living, breathing thing. It's constantly exposed to the harsh elements of the web. If you try to take the set it and forget it approach, you will without a doubt fail - big time. Staying on top of routine maintenance is a must, but taking a broader look and doing a complete revamp every 2 years or so is recommended.

Now, this isn't a rant. Rather, a success story.

We launched Belles and Lace roughly 2 years ago and we just finished redesigning and performing some major updates on their site. 

Check it out here

Now, check the sticker in your car to see if it's oil change time - and revisit your site to see if it needs a tune up. 

Kevin Distributing

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Visit Kevin Distributing's Website

Harp for Healing

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We're excited for Mary Stevens to launch a new redesigned and developed website for her clients. This site was developed for the Harp for Healing program participants. They can now access a huge library of member only content. Users are granted a login and then have access to music examples, conference calls and much more for streaming or downloading. 

The Hound Lounge

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When we talk about creating websites that work for you, this is what we mean. This site for the go-to dog boarding company in Havre, The Hound Lounge, really makes the owner's Robin and Matt's life easier. Customers can easily see availability, book and pay online. The website handles complex boarding options that allows the Robin and Matt to do what they love best - play fetch. 

Merry Character Photography

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We had a lot of fun developing this site for Mary Kaercher of Merry Character Photography. Fullscreen images and a creative layout help portray her fun, energetic brand. A photography site needs a great way to display photos, right? This one doesn't disappoint.

Montana Professional Photographers Association

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We always design with mobile in mind, but this one will definitely be worth viewing on a big screen (it of course, looks awesome on mobile, too).

Go Tilleman

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This is a very basic site but it still servers a unique purpose and looks fantastic on all devices. Think of this as the portal for Tilleman Motor Company in Havre, Montana. This is intended to be the landing page for all of the ventures of the company. It also serves as a blog/news feed for company happenings.


Sugar Plum Jewelry

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Here's one for the ladies. My newest site, Sugar Plum Jewelry, is a full-featured e-commerce responsive website with special love and care for mobile use. Katelynne Eslick, owner of Sugar Plum Jewelry in Glendive, MT has some great handcrafted jewelry that you can now purchase online through this custom website.

This site is different than most "small" online shops in that most of her products are highly customizable. Instead of just adding a product to the cart, you can make each piece your own by uploading a photo of someones handwritten message to be engraved, stone types, colors, chain lengths and a whole lot more - hell, you can even put your babies footprints on her jewelry through the website.

Peruse the site and get someone, or yourself, something special.

Sugar Plum Jewelry